What I’ve been up to

Most of my blogging efforts have been getting spent over at my more “professional” weblog these days. I don’t really promote it here because, well, the average person who’s interested in reading my gibberish here isn’t all that interested in reading my Ruby on Rails stuff.

The new job has been working out great, but I’ll be taking a much-needed vacation right after school lets out with K and M to visit Grandma. Should be fun, as I’ve not yet met my mother-in-law, and she seems very nice.

A quick confirmation of life.

I’m still alive. Since I changed jobs I have been keeping busy, and haven’t really had the time to keep anyone updated here. Heck, I don’t even make the time to update my Facebook status.

Slowing down

I stubbed my pinky toe a couple of days ago, badly. Looked horrible. A few people thought it was broken, but when I finally had x-rays done (to satisfy my morbid curiosity, because there’s really not much they can do for a broken pinky toe anyway) they told me it doesn’t appear to be fractured — if it is, it is a tiny one. It doesn’t feel tiny. It’s amazing how much trouble a tiny little toe can cause. I’ve been told I have an unusual tolerance for pain, and this thing is really messing me up.
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The Power of The Unexpected

Check this out. She describes the reason this is so awesome better than I can, but if you don’t have the time to read a big writeup, just let me say this: I challenge you to watch this video and not smile. These people remember what it’s like to get lost in the moment and be happy, rather than worrying about keeping up appearances, and it’s awesome — and contagious.

Ron’s dog, Ralph

5 Awesome Months

Today marks my 5 month “anniversary” (the stickler in me hates using that word given its etymology) with K. She is awesome for me in all the ways I could have asked for, and so many ways I would have never dreamed.

I am so thankful that God sent her into my life. So much about our past experiences has prepared us to truly appreciate one another. I would never have imagined her being right for me, on paper — but in practice, we “just work,” and it’s wonderful.

Carnivores, keep being awesome!

This was on Passive Aggressive Notes and was so great I had to repost it.

Carnivores, keep being awesome!


So, I’m fasting today. I’ve been struggling with a lot of anxiety this week, and I really felt led to spend more time with God and to fast as well, so that’s what I’m doing. I’m not sure just how long I can hold out, but I know that after day 3 I will at the least start adding juices or something — they say doing more than 3 days on a water fast is dangerous without doctor supervision.

Update: Made it three days, broke fast after church Saturday night — well, not counting a tiny communion wafer and cup of grape juice at church. It was a really great experience, and I ended up not even really struggling with being hungry.

Round Shoelaces

Why do they even make them? I’ve never had round shoelaces that actually stayed tied all day long.

Hellogoodbye – Here In Your Arms

This song is just way too catchy.